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In the spring of 2015 Het Nieuwe Instituut chose to take the period room as the point of departure for a programme about presentation models in museums. The symposium that concluded the programme focused on the significance and narrative capacities of the 1:1 model.

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Pop-up presentation

During the 1:1 Symposium visitors could also view a small presenation in Het Nieuwe Instituut's foyer featuring original material from the collection on period rooms and model interiors, such as the period room in the Rijksmuseum, Berlage's model drawing room for the Wertheim company in Berlin (1908), the 'In Holland staat een Huis' exhibition (Stedelijk Museum, 1940) and model interiors by the Goed Wonen foundation (1950s en 60s).


Intervention 0:0

For the 1:1 Symposium Kay Schuttel and Susan van Hengstum composed 0:0. Visitors to the 1:1 Symposium were given an MP3 player featuring a series of spoken paragraphs from various novels, each describing one of the spaces.










1:1 Period rooms by Andreas Angelidakis
Andreas Angelidakis
Bart de Baets

This project is part of the programme track Landscape and Interior and the folder Interior triptych in annual instalments.

1:1 Period Rooms is one instalment in a triptych devoted to interiors. Het Nieuwe Instituut previously presented the exhibition 1:1 Sets for Erwin Olaf & Bekleidung. These will be followed in 2016 by an exhibition devoted to the showroom.